Seven Summits Stockholm


A whole new adventure where you get to climb the Seven Summits together with me!

December 15:th 2014 I became the first Swedish woman to climb the highest mountain on each continent – The Seven Summits. A legendary climbing challenge that now anyone in Stockholm can do with me as their virtual guide!

Even though I have done extreme expeditions to the other side of the globe and have a ticket to space I know that adventures are found much closer. We don’t have to travel far away and not even leave the city to experience them. By taking some of the highest mountains in the world to Stockholm we hope to inspire more people to reach new altitudes thanks to Storyspots app and that feels both exciting and relevant. More people then ever want to get out, be active and discover their neighbourhood or nearby places and this is the perfect adventure to do on your own or with friends and family. The seven hills that I together with Magnus Ormestad, the founder of the Swedish outdoor podcast Husky have chosen are:

Hammarbybacken Mount Everest (Asien), 8848 m ö h
Tantolunden Aconcagua (Sydamerika), 6965 m ö h
Hagakullen Denali (Nordamerika), 6190 m ö h
Skinnarviksberget Kilimanjaro (Afrika ), 5895 m ö h
Vanadislunden Elbrus (Europa) 5692 m ö h
Vita berget Mount Vinson (Antarktis) 4892 m ö h
Långholmen Carstensz Pyramid (Oceanien), 4884 m ö h

When you reach the summit of each hill thanks to the app Storyspot you can listen to me talking about the mountain and sharing my own feeling of reaching the top. For example hiking up Hammarbybacken, that represents Mount Everest, you will hear how it was when I struggled those last steps on my way up the mountain and then the joy and relief when I made it to the roof of the world.

“I got the idea to this project over seven years ago and have been in touch with Renata ever since. After two previous attempts now is the perfect timing to launch considering Renata’s 25-year jubilee and during a time where people need new inspiration to discover their close surroundings”, says Magnus Ormestad, founder of the Husky podcast.

The starting point for Seven Summits Stockholm is hotel Downtown Camper, that is the basecamp for the expedition. And when you have climbed all even summits in Stockholm, you return to Downtown camper to claim your reward.

Today the story’s have only been recorded in Swedish but this fall an English version will be launched. The Storyspot app is available on their website – or use the QR code:



Renata Chlumska

Kämpandes uppför en brant isvägg på väg mot toppen av världens högsta berg. Ensam i kajaken mot piskande vågor på ett rytande Stilla havet. Eller, pressad till det yttersta av extrema krafter i en flygsimulator under förberedelserna till nästa utmaning. Resan till rymden. Man kan knappast leva bättre upp till Renatas eget konstaterande, att livet är ett äventyr.

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